Get It | Out Now

The Obi Alfred Experience

Austin based Obi Alfred's new single "Get It" oozes sensual chords backed by contemporary RnB sounds to reveal a signature sound sure to obtain the attention of fans and critics alike.  

With highly tantalizing lyrics and tracks exploring topics such as infatuation, passion, obsession, and seduction, Obi teases while grabbing hold of eardrums and hearts. "Get It" follows his last single, "Mind," which impressively obtained 20,000 streams in just four days and over 100,000 streams in under five weeks. 

No doubt his lyrics provide a punch to the already hypnotic beats paired with the emotional journey each verse exudes while giving a glimpse of his forthcoming full-length album, "Get It," exposes his dark and seductive tendencies. Obi states, "This is a pure club dancing, fun song. I wrote this song about two years ago in Houston. It shows a darker, more seductive side than the more romantic and pure sound in 'Mind."

Obi Alfred mixes RnB melodies paired with enticing harmonies to set the ambiance and mood for a forbidden and hypnotic music journey, and "Get It" is a bold, expressive, and empowering use of lyrical realness paired with infinite rhythms.  

Like his previous releases, "Get It" will be housed on his imprint, "The Obi Alfred Experience." Featuring an all-star team of collaborators such as Jemma Webb (female accompaniment vocals) and Cody Acosta from Spitshine Studios in Austin, Texas (mix engineer), the track tempts with instrumental sounds set to the ambiance of seduction and sultry temptation. 


Get It” is now available for streaming via music platforms, including Spotify. Visit Obi Alfred’s official website and Instagram account for more details. 

The track will also receive the full music video treatment, featuring a tailor-made dance choreography sequence with Obi and Jackleen Rios, a highly esteemed San Antonio-based dancer. Her credits include teaching the Parks and Recreation of San Antonio, and serving as the Dance Director for San Antonio Independent School District’s Young Women’s Leadership Academy. Today, she boasts over 12 years of professional experience, and is the proud founder of the prestigious Jewel of Art Dance Studio. For media inquiries, including interviews and all things press-related, please email obi@theoax.com.‍

About Obi Alfred

Obi Alfred is a very talented RnB musician and singer who displays creativity and imagination in his work. His songs are catchy and have a wide range of lyrical content. 

Growing up, Obi Alfred always dreamed of having a career in music, and with the help of acclaimed vocal coach Tom McKinney, he started embracing his unique voice. With several upcoming releases and dedication, Obi will likely significantly impact RnB in the coming years.

His current singing teacher Caitlin Duckworth states, "Obi Alfred is a dynamic, focused, gifted vocalist and songwriter. His vocal power and agility are matched by intimate and thoughtful lyrics and innovative music production. As an artist, Obi Alfred not only offers masterful music making but a complete experience in creativity, inspiration, and culture."