Mind - The Album Version | Out Now

The Obi Alfred Experience

Celebrating one transformative year in the R&B scene, Obi’s debut single, "Mind," shattered expectations with over 120,000 streams, captivation from global audiences, and critical acclaim from industry insiders. Today, we elevate this journey with Mind - The Album Version.

Expertly re-mastered by @officialjamaalanderson to set a new benchmark and restructured to captivate audiences in any setting, the album version is a showcase of Obi's unyielding dedication to his craft. Each note, beat, and lyric has been meticulously refined, reflecting Obi's unique artistic vision and the high standards he places on himself.

While "Mind" graced playlists and airwaves globally, "Mind - The Album Version" serves as a testament to our unwavering commitment. It captures the very core of what makes Obi Alfred and "The Obi Alfred Experience Label" unparalleled.

With "Mind - The Album Version," we aren’t just revisiting past triumphs; we are setting the stage for extraordinary experiences yet to come. 🎶✨

We hope you enjoy this new experience even more than our first and hope to exceed expectations even more with our sophomore single, Get It. For media inquiries, including interviews and all things press-related, please email obi@theoax.com.