Mind - The Debut Single | Out Now

The Obi Alfred Experience

‘Mind’ colors in the nuances of falling head over heels for that special someone – it’s deep, sensual, and with all the necessary ingredients to land a spot on the musical map for Texan RnB.

Obi Alfred’s debut single offers a vivid snapshot into the mind of an artist with a defined vision, and larger-than-life dreams. Titled ‘Mind,’ the track is imbued with deeply sensual vibes that pull from the sonic world of RnB, and is contrasted against strong Pop sensibilities that add a fresh dynamism to the genre.

Floaty synths, inquisitive chord progressions, and a bed of trap drums hold the groove down. This foundation provides the perfect bedrock for Obi Alfred to lay his truth, featuring line after line of imaginative lyrics that detail themes surrounding infatuation, passion, obsession, and seduction.

“It gives the listener an insight into my personality and how my brain works, especially when I like someone.” - Obi Alfred

The track serves as an introduction to his forthcoming full-length EP, one that represents him reaching his promised land and finding “the one”. While the EP is scheduled for a later release, ‘Mind’ makes its debut today.

Mind is housed on his own imprint, ‘The Obi Alfred Experience,’ and is available to stream and purchase across all major platforms. For media inquiries, including interviews and all things press-related, please email <obi@theoax.com>.